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Instead of concentrating on studying for my final exam that is in TWO days (oh, finance, why can’t we be friends!), I have decided to ponder upon how I’ve become close friends with people.

For most good friends I’ve made, there has always been a context, be it in a dance, school, work, whatever environment. Befriending them sort of seemed like such a natural process in those environments, because we share that one common ground, that common interest. (Is it just me, or is it really hard to just become good friends with a friend’s friend?) We meet, we share laughter and conversation, then share more laughter and conversation, to eventually establish that we enjoy each other’s presence. This type of friendship, although pleasant, does not seem to evolve outside of the original context. In other words, although theses friends have great significance in life, it is rare to see them outside the original environment in which we have met and to do other things together.

It is perhaps for the better of society to not permanently perceive me to be insane, but if you do think that I'm insane, it is because I LOVE YOU. :)

However, with a bit of magic (wait – I will explain what I mean by magic), these “contextual” friendships can be carried out of the original environment. At one point, you are so comfortable with a few of these friends that you will start wanting to do things with them outside of that original context. Now here is my question: how to create that magic?

The magic (turning point of an evolving friendship) is what would answer the following questions:
– At which point do you have to urge to want to see people just because you want to see them, and not because you can?
– What pushes you to then take the initiative and create “excuses” to see those people?

So far, this is magic to me, because I can’t explain any of it. Fortunately enough, I have very close friends. I am not just wondering how can I bring many of my other relationships to the next step. So many people matter to me, but it’s not always easy to express it. They say you can count the amount of meaningful friends you have on your 10 fingers. I honestly wouldn’t mind having to start using my toes to count!

Please enlighten me, friends, on how to be a better and more awesome friend to you!


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