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Today, I am very very very sick. In fact, I am so sick that I deserved myself a new nickname at work: Amanda G. G for germ. It’s okay that some want to avoid me for that. I am aware of the level of danger I represent. Then again, there are those who will still give me a hug and be there next to me, despite me being a huge bacteria today.

So, I’d like to a small moment in today’s post to thank you guys and girls for being awesome, for all the times you’ve loved me for who I am, and stayed with me despite of who I am. Hehe, I know you know what I mean.

Now, let me tell you about the love-hate relationship with my worst best friend: comfort food. For the past few weeks, I have been chowing (a bit too much) on comfort food. Ah, indulgence! Fries, ice cream,  random pastries, bubble tea, chips, cookies, cup noodles, cake, chocolate… the list goes on.

A best friend is someone:

you can always count on;

who will always be there for you;

will not judge you;

will back you up;

who will always be ready to listen to you;

whom you can trust;

who cheers you up when you’re sad;

help you make the best decisions;

who does things that are in the best interest for you.

Most importantly, a best friend loves you for who you are.

Comfort Food, I’m sorry, but you don’t quite cut it. That’s why you’re my worst best friend. We had a great time, but this unhealthy relationship has got to stop soon!

Frite Alors near Cat’s Corner is the best comfort food location for friiiiiiiies, especially after an animal night of dancing!
(Photo taken from Kerri!’s flickr found via Google.)

On Saturday, I went to Juliette & Chocolat with Angga and Chris. Omo~ I still drool at the sight of this beautiful chocolatey ice cream pastry.
Ladies and gents, I present to you, the Profiteroles. (And… some ice cream monster in the background.)

I assume most of you have the same guilty pleasures as I do, at least when it comes to comfort food! Any obscure guilty pleasures when it comes to eating? Please do share! :) Sharing is caring! (For your information, I DID share my beloved Profiteroles. Ha!)


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I have commitment issues with my blog, doesn’t it seem like it? Haha. It’s alright. There’s nothing like a trip to far far away to give me an urge to constantly keep in touch. For those who don’t know yet, I’m going on a trip for about 2 weeks and a half to Seoul, Korea. I’m leaving on June 30th. Only 6 days to go! I’m so excited. It’s going to be my first official trip going by myself. I take this as a mean to get away from my typical life in my hometown, but also as an opportunity of growth and self discovery. Certainly, this trip will also permit me to finally get closer to the Korean culture that I’ve been admiring from the other side of the planet since so long! Korean BBQ, bulgogi, Kpop, hanbok,  here I come! So if you want to keep up with what I’m doing during my trip, be sure to keep checking in here for updates.

So far, what have you done in your summer? How’s the completion of the to-do list coming along? Here’s an update on mine:

  1. Keep blogging. – getting there.
  2. Finish playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and start Final Fantasy XII. – still talking about it.
  3. Print out all the pictures I’ve taken for the past 2 years. Send them to my friends. – I’ll wait til I come back from Korea.
  4. Restart playing piano. – I have done a bit of it!
  5. Restart singing. – Not yet.
  6. Retake Japanese courses. – Change of plans. I’m crash learning Korean right now, for the convenience of my trip.
  7. Learn at least 1 popular Kpop choreography. – Check! I learned Tell Me by the Wonder Girls!
  8. Practice doing photography. – Check! Did a bit with Milton. Still need to continue.
  9. Spend time with friends and family. – On going. So far, so good.
  10. Read books. – Not yet.
  11. Study in advance for future courses with Karen. :D – Will start once Karen comes back from her trip. We set August as a target starting point.
  12. Clean my ROOM. *most important* – HHHHHMMMMMMM….
  13. and of course…. TO SLEEP! – Big fail. Yet again!

I haven’t had a chance to get to so many things. So, what have I actually been doing? I work, dance, work out and watch TV shows. Indeed, it feels soooo good. Work and dance are pretty typical for me, but working out and watching TV?! Indeed, I have started doing a training program called P90X, done by many dancers. The people who have done it all end up being pretty strong. For the sake of dancing better and doing airsteps, heck. I’d do it!

Another of my addictions-distration is that I’ve been watching the TV Show “How I Met Your Mother”. It’s absolutely hilarious. Even sometimes, despite a less amusing day, after watching  an episode or two, it’d be likec omplete brainwash of bad things. :)

Please do share what you have been up to for the first half of summer. Any change of plans?

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From May 21 to May 26 2009, I was in New York City having the blast of my life. This trip is forever unforgettable, because I had so much fun dancing and made so many new friends. The motive of my trip was mainly dancing. It was the Frankie Manning 95th Birthday Festival (Frankie95), and nearly 2000 Lindy hoppers from all around the world were to attend. Imagine, the best dancers from all around the world, all in the same ballroom. :)frankie95flyer

Frankie Manning is the man who had it all started for Lindy hop. Frankie is to Lindy hop, like Jesus is to Christianity! He’s the ambassador of Lindy hop. Air steps were invented by him as well. Basically, all swing dancers owe him what we have today. Thank you, Frankie, for bringing us this passion of yours. Unfortunately, the man passed away in April 2009. At 94, he was still dancing, oh yes he was. He may not be on earth with us anymore, but his passion will live for ever. I, for one, will help assure that!

Day 1
After what seemed like a ride that lasted forever, my friends and I finally arrived in New York City at around 7pm on Thursday. Usually, I tolerate long rides pretty well (been used to saying 12+ hours straight in a plane to go to China), but the unexpected difference between the American and Canadian climates made it all burning hell. Note: BURNING. It was my first time in the States in Spring. Next time, I’ll know. Later on, at night, I was supposed to roam by myself in NYC, because I didn’t have access to the Thursday night dance. Luckily, the event was selling some extra passes. Unluckily for me, at the cost of 50$ USD. To add the cherry on top, I had smartly forgotten my DANCE shoes back in Montreal. Thus, I had to beg the employees of K-Mart to sell me the last pair of shoes from a discontinued series. After a few minutes of puppy faces, they let me have it. THANK YOU, K-MART PEOPLE! Near 10:30PM, I finally made it to the ballroom. Wow. So many dancers. Every single dance I had that night was amazing. The bands also were amazing. It was the first time I heard Gordon Webster’s band play. I sure hope from now on that it won’t be the last!

Day 2
Friday was probably the best day of the entire week. First thing in the morning, my friends and I attended Frankie Manning’s memorial at the Presbyterian church on 5th avenue. Those who missed it, you have no idea what you missed! When I sat there, in that church, I was proud to be part of a historical moment. Benny Powell’s band were playing at the front. When the familiar tune of “How High the Moon” sounded, I couldn’t help but let tears quietly run down my cheeks. It was not only because the lyrics made a great connection to where Frankie would be now, but also because it’s a song that is marked deeply in my highschool memories. Ah, nostalgia~ “Somewhere there’s Heaven, it’s where you are. Somewhere there’s music, how near how far.” Two other things that will absolutely be engraved in my mind forever were actually dancing in a church (oh yes, I did!) and seeing the priests dance on the altar! “Can’t stop the Lindy hop!” Indeed, we were encouraged to express all of our emotions during the memorial. If dancing was what you felt like doing, then you were encouraged to do so.

After the memorial, everyone paraded to Central Park. A live band was playing incredibly fast music. Despite the infernal heat, people were still swingin’ out! Crazy! I’m honestly very happy nobody had passed out! Imagine yourself dancing in a sauna. Who in their right mind would do that? Well, a Lindy hopper maybe. :) Then, there was the famous World’s Largest Jack & Jill. I signed up for it just to have fun and help set the world record, but to my surprise, I was picked to go in the semi-finals! That was certainly unexpected.

Frankie95 Memorial Parade

Lindy hoppers parading in memory of Frankie Manning – Central Park, New York City
(Photo Credit: Jeong-Taek Lim)

With dance, comes food. For supper, I went to NYC’s Koreatown with my new Korean friends. -Real Koreans, eh Saeho? (I give you permission to hit me if you actually read this :P)- For the first time in my life, I had real Korean food. I ordered a Bibimbap (a mega mix of rice, vegetables and raw egg in humongous stone bowl). It had been such a long time I hadn’t been able to finish something I order in a restaurant. I felt really bad, because it was REALLY delicious. I blame it on the mountain of -free- appetizers we had. Seaweed salad, kimchi, radish, Korean PANCAKE, etc etc etc. The list goes on. What a party for the tastebuds!

koreanfood-01On the left: eggs in a stone bowl. On right: seaweed salad, spinach (I think), cold noodles, and radish.

Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of my bibimbap. Google it up! :)

Hm, it’s getting late. I get carried away so much when I tell my travelling anecdotes. Part 2 to come, soon!

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