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You can often tell a lot about a person’s emotions by a single glance at their eyes. You can know if they are shy (eyes looking away or downwards), mad (intense stare), sad (lifeless eyes), in love (passionate stare). Indeed, you could tell by looking into someone’s eyes and see if they are attracted to you or not. I have recently learned humans unconsciously find dilated pupils more attractive because the pupils expand when one is aroused. Of course, a multitude of other factors can also influence the dilation of the pupils, so one must not take this to the word.

Hence, if we look at the history of cosmetics, we can find many ways that women used to make their eyes more attractive.

The belladonna plant (also known as the black cherry) was used by women to dilate their pupils until studies figured that it was highly toxic. Extended use thus caused blindness and in more severe cases, even death. In the movie Perfect Stranger, the main character had committed murder by intoxicating her victim with an overdose of belladonna. I was watching the movie with my brother, and got curious about the properties of this plant. (I do take great interest in what effects do chemicals and plants do to the human body.)

In Asia, it would be typical for a woman considered beautiful to have big round double eyelid eyes. Korea and Japan, famous for their skills in plastic surgery, are known to offer the best (and probably the most) double eyelid surgeries. It is ironic how in Asia, big round eyes are considered the most beautiful while in the Western world, almond-shaped eyes are often more exotically attractive.

If you think that colored contact lenses are fancy, wait until you see circle lenses. Circle lenses are cosmetic lenses that have a black circle surrounding the iris. They are worn to make the eyes look larger (once again, the dilated pupils/iris are more attractive) and doll-like.

Circle lenses made by Tutti
Picture taken from Soompi.com/forums


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